The mission of the California Biochar Association is to:

  • Foster the sustainable, ethical and responsible production and use of biochar
  • Advocate and promote conversion of biomass residues (waste) to biochar for carbon sequestration, soils enhancement and other environmentally beneficial applications.

  • Facilitate large-scale, statewide field trials to advance scientific knowledge and establish characterization standards and application protocols
  • Act as a clearinghouse for sharing information about biochar-related activities within the state
  • Develop policy recommendations that will help streamline production and sales regulations and fast-track the use of biochar by agriculture and industry
  • Connect producers with new or expanding markets and those seeking to purchase biochar with those producing it
  • Allow for online dialog within the California biochar community (researchers, students, producers, blenders, sellers, and purchasers) to keep up to date on activities, resources and events happening within the state of California (and elsewhere)