About Us

The California Biochar Association was founded by a coalition of people and organizations seeking to build a strong and cohesive statewide voice advocating for the production and use of biochar in agriculture and industry, along with the development of rigorous standards and protocols to govern biochar quality and effectiveness.

Research indicates that biochar production and use can provide multiple benefits to help address a number of important and pressing environmental challenges, including:

  • Improved agriculture resource management (Better utilization of Ag byproducts)
  • Improved forestry resource management (One solution to help reduce the threat of catastrophic fires from the estimated 100+┬ámillion dead trees in the Sierras while also producing a valuable product)
  • Renewable energy production (Process heat and producer gas)
  • Depletion of our agricultural soils (Use of biochar to help increase soil organic carbon and grow healthier soils on our http://cialisonline.net/ farms, ranchlands, and pasturelands)
  • Improved soil water holding capacity and reduced nutrient leaching, reducing input costs over time for the farmer as well as nutrient runoff into streams and waterways
  • Sequestering carbon where it will do the most good: in agricultural soils.