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NextChar’s advanced pyrolysis technology produces a superior and consistent quality biochar, characterized by its low ash content (that won’t change soil Ph.), minimal volatile organic compounds (VOCs –the material  in biomass that decays  first and produces greenhouse gasses), high porosity (holds moisture and reduces the “perk-rate” in soils), and high carbon content (meaning it’s very pure), setting the standard for high-performance biochar globally. Currently, the demand for high-performance biochar vastly out-strips supply in both Europe and North America, Large distributors, as well as research universities and governmental agencies (USDA and EPA), are experiencing shortages to perform field trials due to the lack of scalable production technology, quality control standards, and rigorous testing and labeling. NextChar will break the biochar log-jam by introducing a high-quality biochar; tested and verified, at industrial scale volumes.

An important advantage for NextChar is that one of the principal founders, Chief Technology Officer and inventor of the NextChar pyrolysis technology, is Hugh McLaughlin, Ph.D. Hugh is a chemical engineer with a degree in pyrolysis reactor design, a well respected expert on activated carbon, biochar quality and carbon-based materials production in general, and is the author of numerous popular and scholarly papers on biochar including “All Biochar’s are not Created Equal and How to Tell them Apart” (2009), and “U.S. Focused Biochar Report: Assessment of Biochar’s Benefits for the United States of America” (2010). All of the major distributors and producers of biochar have sent, and continue to send Hugh (now in the thousands) of samples to be tested for quality. Hugh is one of only a handful of experts in the world who fully understands the production technologies, applications, and marketplace for biochar.

Stephan Rogers, CEO
NextChar llc
413 531-6884



Aeries Clean Energy, LLC, based in Nashville, Tennessee, designs and builds innovative bio-based downdraft and fluidized bed gasification systems using its eights patents granted to date. Its projects provide for the sustainable disposal of waste, reduction of carbon emissions, and the production of clean thermal and electrical energy.  The company’s ongoing R & D efforts are focused on cleaning syngas produced from waste for use in internal combustion engines. Please visit their websitefor more information, or contact Baraka Poulin at the number below.

Baraka Poulin,PE
Project Developer
Aries Clean Energy
3026 Owen Drive, Suite 101
Nashville, TN  37013