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CBA founding member Josiah Hunt (and his kids) have starring roles in a new film by Marcy Cravat called Dirt Rich that highlights biochar as an important tool we can use to regenerate soils and address the climate crisis. Other biochar advocates including David Morell of the Sonoma Biochar Initiative, Bob Wells of New England Biochar, and Peter Hirst also appear. Information below.

The Sonoma Ecology Center and Pacific Biochar present Passelande Pictures’ Dirt Rich, May 21, 7:00 at the Sebastiani Theater in Sonoma, CA; an environmental documentary that takes viewers on a journey through a multiplicity of carbon drawdown solutions that simultaneously address two of the planet’s most pressing environmental challenges: unsafe atmospheric carbon levels which drive global warming, and depleted soils that are in desperate need of carbon.

With scientists predicting only 65 harvests left, and atmospheric carbon levels over 400 parts per million, our job as citizens of this planet is to act now and fix two problems at once! Dirt Rich helps empower people to do so.

“Unless we undertake very serious work making our soils healthier, re-vegetating the land, not doing things that release the carbon from the soil, there’s no way we can deal with the climate crisis.” -Kristin Ohlson, author of The Soil Will Save Us.

Please join us for a beautifully film shot around the world, its thought provoking metaphors, dual messaging and fantastic music by heartland musician Tom Rhodes, narrated by the distinguished, Hell or High Water’s Gregory Norman Cruz.

The California Biochar Association is also contributing financially to this Premier.  Hope to see you there!

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Call for Biochar Research and Industry Posters

The Fertilizer Research and Education Program (FREP) of the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) is teaming up with the University of California, Davis, to host a Biochar Field Day. The event will highlight current research, showcase available resources, and provide up-to-date information on the production and application of biochar in agriculture.

We are seeking poster submissions for the field day. Posters should focus on agricultural applications of biochar, relevant biochar research, biochar products and/or technologies.

If you would like to present a poster at the Biochar Field Day, please submit an abstract to by 5:00 pm on May 30, 2018. Submissions must include poster title, author names and affiliations, and a description of the project, research or product. The field day will be hosted Wednesday, June 6th at Russell Ranch.

Please share with others who may be interested in presenting and let me know if you have any questions.

Nicole Crouch

Agricultural Aide

California Department of Food and Agriculture

Fertilizer Research and Education Program

Phone: (916) 900-5022



State of California Natural and Working Lands Sector

GHG Reductions and Carbon Sequestration Goals for California’s Forests, Rangelands, Wetlands, and Farms

Natural and Working Lands

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News from CBA Members:

5/5/18  Butte College BIOCHAR R&D Team and Friends:

We had a great Biochar Lab day today at Butte College, preparing the BOG Biochar/Soil pot-test with BOG soil and biochar to be run through the Summer of 2018.
This is just a quick notice with some pictures to let you know that the long planned experiment has been started. We will publish an initial report on the experiment design and preparations. The intent is to locate the test-pots at BOG over the summer for monitoring soil moisture levels in the test-pots with various amounts of biochar cover in comparison to undisturbed in-situ soil with the same surface treatments and under the same weather exposures.
The experiment is on its way!
Great job today, BIOCHAR Team!
Stephen I. Feher
Executive Director, Sustainable Community Development Institute (SCDI)
Associate Faculty, Engineering and Technical Director, Biochar R&D Projects at Butte College
Tel: (530)872-1403
Cell: (530)327-8355


I have found this Biochar Network Twitter feed to have some great links to biochar activities around the world.  Check it out. Raymond Baltar